Botanicula: a nice game from Amanita Design

I’ve liked a lot Machinarium, the first full lenght game from Amanita Design, and my kids (7 and 4) liked it too.

Given the good past experience I decided to try also the new Botanicula for them and it turned out to be a good idea.

Puzzles are easier in Botanicula compared to Machinarium and make the game a better fit for the young age of my kids.

Difficulty aside (some of the puzzle are quite challenging in Machinarium) both games are a good fit for kids in the age 7-10 due to the absence of violence and of bad language.

Orphans of the old age of point and click 2D adventures may like the games for personal use. I did for sure 🙂

It’s possible to give a try at the demo of the games on the developer site without the need to install.