Packard Bell iMedia I6657IT: you get what you pay for. And nothing more.

I helped a friend to pickup a new pc for his video editing hobby.
He was on a budget yet needed some muscle so we picked up this system (4-cores i5 and 8GB of RAM) even if we weren’t able to find online a review of the system.

After just a couple of days the box arrived from Amazon and we unboxed and installed the system last Friday.

On the plus side: the system has a nice HW specification for a good price, is compact, mechanically robust and extremely silent.

On the minus side: it ONLY has what is implied by the advertised HW.
We opened the system to add the HDD from the older PC and found out that there is no space to put it.
But this is a piece of the expansion problem: only the SATA headers for the included HDD and DVD are soldered on the motherboard.
The same cost-saving approach is used for the other interfaces that are common on DIY core i5 system.

There it is one PCIe 1x slot available that could be used to add SATA and or USB3 ports.
We should be able to go for an external high speed enclosure to expand the system in the future.