Why it’s right to send scientists to jail for L’Aquila earthquake. And why not.

The recent sentence of an Italian court that condemned 7 people to jail after the earthquake in L’Aquila has had quite a bit of coverage on the international media.

The sentence is implicitly accepting an idea that is growing stronger with time and with the increase in the mankind technological prowess: that man can dominate nature.
To say it in an old-fashioned way the idea that we are finally becoming god-like.

If it’s true that science and technology make us omnipotent then it’s right to condemn the scientists that did not evacuated the city.

I believe that this is not the case: each one may like it or not, but no one can decide and ensure that will wakeup in the morning one week from now.
We’re not omnipotent.

We have to do everything carefully based on the current knowledge and it’s right to condemn someone who saved on the iron when building going below the regulatory levels causing the death of a person during the earthquake.
Condemning someone cause he’s not God is not right.