Hyundai ix35 driving experience

I was in Germany last week and  opted to get a car as the customer was 200km from the airport.

I had a compact car booked but it was not available when I landed so I got the ix35 for the same tariff.

Getting out of the parking was the first challenge as it was impossible for me to guess the external size of the car and the position of the wheels.

Consumption was quite relevant (521km with 59 liters of diesel) and the comfort at high-speed quite low due to high noise and significant vibration making cruise speeds over 120km/h very fatiguing. The car only had 24.000km.

Steering wheel with a very large dead zone and a high sensitivity to lateral wind.

Ok the bluetooth integration and the visibility in the rear mirrors.

At the end of the trip I was really happy to get back to the comfort of  my 92.000km Renault Laguna