Some banks deserve to lose their customers and mine is one of them

As it’s often the case I’m traveling at the moment and so I went to an ATM to get some local currency.
I do this on a regular basis when not in a euro-country and I did used my ATM card several times in the past also here in the USA.

But this time it did not work.
I’ve tried over half a dozen different places without success this morning: BofA, Merril Lynch, Chase, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, California bank and trust and two privately operated ATM (in the office and in the hotel) without success and a lot of discomfort: I have 4 1$ notes in my pocket.

The I arrived in the office and found a nice message from the bank (sent during the local night) telling me that now they have a new policy in place such that my world-wide enabled ATM card by default is no longer worldwide.
They suggested that I could go to my branch asking to change it before the trip (quite inconvenient ad I’m about 10.000km from home already) or do it over the phone 8-22 during the workdays (but my wife called at 21.50 and the lady said it’s not operating after 21.30 and, even if we share the signature on the account, I have to call personally with great joy of the roaming mobile operator) or by internet banking (but it takes 48 hours to happen).

I’ve moved 65% of my savings to another bank in November (without anyone even asking why or whether they can do anything to keep it with them) but now I’m going to close the account completely.

It will be a nice Christmas gift for me and maybe for them too as they have one less customer to worry about.