Olivetti M10: amarcord purchase

When I was 11 I had my first programming training.
At the time computers were still a fairly esoteric subject in Italy, but my school had the opportunity to get a few Olivetti M10 when they were introduced and offered the opportunity to the students, on a voluntary basis, to be trained to use the systems.

30 years later I’ve decided to buy a piece of my computing history and now it’s part of my collection of old hardware.

Welcome home M10


3 thoughts on “Olivetti M10: amarcord purchase

    • I never tried to move data.
      I think that would be relatively complex and requiring a USB-to-serial adapter on a modern PC plus a terminal application to use the serial port to move the data.


      • with windows95, a procomm terminal. program, ,a zero modem with 2 serial plugs I could make the connection between m10 usingits own terminalprogram and the pc. I did write small stories onth em10 and could transfert the data.
        Today, I don’t know how to do it

        regards Frits


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