Dell 6430u: second run on battery and BIOS upgrade

I’ve just made a second trip with the 6430u with me.
As it was a bit longer than the previous one I had the opportunity to upgrade the bios (that was just released) and then continue to use it mainly in battery mode.

It looks like the version A04 has improved the fan management reducing the use while on battery while when connected to the power supply it’s still up fairly often even in powersave mode.
In the previous test I had a very long run of McAfee security endpoint: it’s not happening anymore, likely it completed the massive first encryption.
Unless improvements for the power management come with future releases of the BIOS the machine (as configured) is not able to run from dawn to dusk on a single charge.
On the positive side is the fact that the power supply is a bit smaller and lighter than the older ones from Dell. Why apparently only Apple makes really small power bricks for the notebooks remains a mistery for me.

Here is the chronicle.

5.40, 100%, put to sleep, disconnected power
8.10, 98%, turned on, 3G key inserted
8.29, 92%, 3g key removed, put to sleep
10.55, resumed from sleep
11.05, 88%, put to sleep again
11.15, 87%, quick received email and calendar check
11.25, 86%, put to sleep, estimated runtime 5h07m
11.50, 86%, resume from sleep and turned on wifi
12.33, 73%, wifi off, fan running
13.22, 60%, only light use (chrome, outlook 2010 in bacground)
13.34, 57%, only light use, some screen backlight off due to inactivity
13.42, 55%, 3h30m estimated runtime
14.15, put to sleep
14.56, 46%, resumed from sleep, 2h42m estimated runtime, wifi on
15.08, 42%, 2h12m estimated runtime
16.11, 24%, 1h21m estimated runtime
16.18, 21%, 1h13m estimated runtime. Connected charger.

20+10+145+22=297m runtime + 345m on sleep with 79% battery

17.59, 98%, disconnected power
18.06, 96%, put to sleep estimated 6h28′
23.43, 91%, resume from sleep, light internet navigation
00.39, 77%, estimated runtime 4h46m
00.50, 74%, went to high performance for some gaming, fan went crazy
01.07, 66%, game over, back to power saving, put system (and owner) to sleep
08.29, 60%, resume from sleep
08.49, 54%, put in charge

7+67+17+20=111m runtime + 879m on sleep with 44% battery

10.08, 100%, put to sleep
10.40, 98%, resume from sleep, wifi off
11.57, 81%, put to sleep
12.30, resumed from sleep, wifi on
13.51, 55%, started charging

77+81=158m runtime + 65m on sleep with 45% battery

13.54, I felt lucky and upgraded to bios A04 (february 26th). Funny enough it says that it’s including ACPI support, I’d have expected this to be in from day 1 of the release
16.03, 100%, disconnect power
16.08, put to sleep
16.34, 99%, resume from sleep, wifi off, light excel activity
16.59, 93%, 7h32m expected runtime, put to sleep
17.56, 91%, turned on, expected runtime 6h4m (strange math)
17.57, turned on wifi
18.12, 88%, put to sleep
18.36, 87%, resumed from sleep, wifi off
18.46, put to sleep
22.18, 83%, resume from sleep, wifi on, light navigation and email
23.49, 60%, estimated runtime 4h21m, wifi off, put to sleep, looks like the bios update has changed the fan behaviour when running on battery.
07.43, 53%, resume from sleep
07.54, 50%, set to sleep
08.56, 48%, resume from sleep, plug power in

5+25+15+10+31+11=97m runtime + 916m sleep with 52% battery