Swatch out, Skagen in.

I’m not a big fan of watches and I can live without one most of the time when I’m home.
I can check the current hour on the computer screen, on the alarm clock in the bedroom, in the car dashboard, on my mobile and so on.

There it is a situation where I don’t have access to any of them: when I fly.
For most people this is relatively infrequent but for me it’s the opposite, so I feel the need of a wristwatch and it has to be the least intrusive possible: the thinner the better, the lighter the better, no need to remove it when taking a shower. Not too costly is another nice addition.
The Swatch skin was a good fit for my needs and when I started with my current job I swapped the battery of an old one that was in a drawer for a few years and started using it.

The watch was working ok for a while until one day it started to get water in and then the front glass (plastic actually) unglued completely.
I believed that this was due to the fact that it was pretty old and the plastic and glue likely degraded.

After a few months I was in Amsterdam at the airport with some time to kill and there was a Swatch shop with a few skin available: I picked up one and took my airplane to go back home happy with my purchase.
The happiness lasted only a few months as the watch soon demonstrated the same problem with the front plastic popping out: I contacted the Swatch assistance in Italy and found out that they were not planning to support under warranty my watch purchased in another EU country.
The almost new skin went to the trashcan and I decided to never purchase a Swatch again in the future.

I learned to be careful when purchasing outside my country: even if on the paper the international warranty is provided if the item is of limited value the effort to get the item serviced may be worth more than the item itself.

Unfortunately I was left with the issue of getting a new watch and after a bit of research I decided to try a Skagen Titanium without date.
It’s a bit thicker and heavier than the skin but still very light especially considering that it has a real glass and is completely made of metal.
After six months of continued use it’s still like new (actually better as the wristband is now more flexible) and I’m quite happy with it.
Funny enough I paid less for it in Italy than I was asked for in Denmark where the swatch is produced.