DS411Slim updated with DSM 5

I just completed the process (double upgrade to get also the bug fix) and everything worked fine from the technical point of view.
It’s too early to make comments about stability, but I’ve already noticed a welcome change: the notifications now come way more extended and comprehensive than before.

The “file changes log” widget is nice but is behaving in a strange way: it shows me in second position a change that I did months ago.
In the meanwhile I’ve saved some 18000 additional files on the same volume of the NAS and they that should have pushed this notification away.

What I’ve found a bit shocking is the cartoon-ish look that comes with the new release.
I did not feel the need for it, but maybe I’m just getting too old.

4 thoughts on “DS411Slim updated with DSM 5

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    • Bad news for the DS411Slim: it died on me and all the attempts at fixing it turned into a waste of money.
      The only thing I did not try on it is the so called “oven trick”.

      DSM5 is not as sleek and professional-looking as 4.3, but now I would not go back.
      It is very stable on my XPEnology box (85 days since the last planned restart) and provides quite a few consumer capabilities that are nice to have.


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