2014: eating @ Bar della Crocetta in Milano

I used to eat at Bar della Crocetta since I was in my highschool days and the place was managed for almost 30 years by the same crew.
It was the best sandwich place of the entire city without any doubt: rich, creative, balanced in the mix of tastes.
Just fantastic.
But two years ago the owners have sold it.

three days ago, as I arrived at the door with my wife, I immediately noticed that something had changed: cleaner place, more light, no more sausages in display, female waiters.
In theory all good changes, but I had a negative gut feeling.

The place was almost empty, but it was the day of the soccer world championship final so it was reasonable.

The list of sandwiches got axed: about 70% less choice than in the past.
Also the list of different types of sausages halved.
I went for a classical sandwich (cipollata) that I had dozens of times in the past with the previous owners while my wife got something new based on Praga ham.

Then we started to wait.
More waiting.
After 30 minutes (with 12 customers in total in the place) we finally got the sandwiches and delusion with them.

The taste of my sandwich was just a pale memory of the original one and using the same name is absolutely inappropriate
Cipollata refers to the fact that it is based on onions (cipolle in Italian) but the quantity was so little and the onions so sweet that their contribution to the overall taste was minor.
The melted cheeses were too hard and not well amalgamated.
The thickness of the sandwich interior was about 60% of the old one while price adjusted with inflation was constant. Ans this was the XL version.
My wife complained tha the ham was sliced so thin that is was almost ethereal in her mouth and about the overall lack of taste. This never happened with the old owner.

To summarize: maybe now it is a healthier place, but it is no longer a place worth visiting.
The Bar della Crocetta si dead and anyone that experienced the place in the past should avoid it to avoid getting the same delusion I had.

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes

I love food.
A lot.

It is too bad that this usually goes together with consequences: extra weight and all the rest that then, in most cases, follows.

According to the author this is not necessarily always the case.
He explains in the book that it is more about quality of the food rather than about quantity: insulin production is the pivotal factor in storing energy as fat.

To support his point he shows several cases of populations with high fat ingestion that are not fat and that start to become fat once they start to use the “western diet”, groups of people with limited amount of available daily calories that become obese anyway, experiments with mice in laboratories.
His conclusion is that the foods that drive up the insulin production are the ones that will increase the fat buildup in a person.

On the basis of his findings the author suggests a diet that goes in the opposite direction of the ones promoted by the national health advisory councils in the western world: skip cereals (even unrefined), vegetables with high amid content and sugar while getting all the desired proteins, non-caloric vegetables and fat.

Sooner or later I’ll give a try at this shift of eating habits: most of the food I like better already falls in the categories he suggests hence I should be keep up with the change at least for a while.

Channel 4 on demand

In the past I’ve really appreciated the first series of Black Mirror that was briefly available on youtube.

As I was recently in the UK I decided to give a try to the second series as the streaming is not available in Italy.
The experience was far from stellar.

Channel 4 asked for a registration (a couple of minutes as email confirmation is needed) and then I got access to over two minutes of boring advertising (not something like the Superbowl ads) that I could not skip.
Fair enough as I was not paying.

Finally the show.
Actually the first 10 minutes, then again over two minutes of advertising.
The rate of advertising to content is really excessive: I’m never going to use the service again.

2012 flight summary

This year I was on an airplane fairly often:

San Diego (3 times, via Heatrow)
Tel Aviv (via Istanbul, Turkish airlines)
Berlin (3 times, AirBerlin)
Istanbul (7 times, Turkish airlines)
Dublin (2 times, KLM and Aer Lingus)
Prague (EasyJet)
Bruxelles (FlyBe)
Rome (Alitalia)
Munich (Lufthansa)
London (EasyJet)
Copenhagen (SAS)
Düsseldorf (3 times, AirBerlin)
Frankfurt (Lufthansa)

I shoot for 23 readers

Welcome to my blog!

I was thinking about starting a it for quite a while now.

I see it as a better tool to share with my friends and the people that knows me the subjects of my interest.

The subjects include food and places to eat, business travel experience and the books I read.

And a bit of technology too: I have to deal with it a lot for my job.

Why 23 readers? They were enough for Giovannino Guareschi and are good for me too.

It’s my first experiment, please be patient while I learn how to manage it the best way.