My Nokia E7 died

Early in the monday morning I picked up my E7 to use it for both phone calls and as a GPS for my trip in Germany and I’ve found a bad surprise.
For no apparent reason it was asking me to insert the USB cable and then to disconnect the device no matter if I had or not something connected.
Acknowledging it was not helping: in a few seconds it was back with one of the two requests.
I’ve tried all the possible combinations suggested in this thread on, but nothing worked.
I hope to get it fixed under warranty šŸ˜¦

December update: I got it back fixed under warranty. Horray!

Firmware upgrade frenzy during the weekend: Nokia N9, Synology DS411Slim, Netgear FVS336Gv2

The Nokia N9 looked like if it was running on windows 7: over 280MB of updates. Twice.
Hopefully I’m on the most recent version now and, yes, email synch seems to be faster that when unboxed as promised by the update description.

The upgrade of the DS411Slim doesn’t look like has fixed my issues with slow transfer rate from the encrypted volume.
Even worse: I’ve had the time to test with the regular volumes and it looks like they are slow too.
I’ll post more detail on my findings once I’m done with the backup od the encrypted volume and can remove it from the NAS.

The FVS336G was working stable (with the exception of a relevant slowness in managing the WAN interface up-down-up transitions) before the upgrade and seems stable now too.
I decided to give a try at the updated FW ( : the list of fixed problems in this release was impressing and I was on an 18 months old version (3.0.7-24)

Synology DS411Slim and encryption: DSM 4.0 not helping performance for me

I’ve written recently about the poor performance writing to and reading from an encrypted volume on my Synology DS411Slim.
In an attempt to improve the bad numbers I’ve decided to take the risk of updating from a firmware that I knew was working for me (DSM 3.2) to a more recent one (4.0)

The interface looks sleeker than the previous one, but unfortunately there it is no improvement at all in writing to the encrypted volume.

DSM 4.1 is available too, I’ll likely give a try at it too as there are no major reports of problems.